POP – Point of Purchase / Food and Drinks

The brand iglo stands Europe-wide for high quality frozen food and is best known for products such as ”captain iglo fish sticks”, frozen spinach and other convenience food.
To promote their different product groups  in supermarkets and to stand out among the crowd of frozen foods iglo also relies on advertising straight at the POS.
Stickers with illustrations of new products installed directly on the freezers should catch the consumers attention and trigger sales.  But the cold temperatures in the freezers and the fact that no residues should stay on the freezers have always provided a challenge in the past. Previously used materials either didn’t stick at all, started to peel off or left residues on the freezers.

With STAFIX®STATIC iglo had finally found a product that keeps what it promises. It is temperature resistant, adheres without any glue to the printed and unprinted side and can therefore be used both on and even inside the freezers.